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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Aug 20, 2020

Today's guest is Zoe Scaman from Bodacious! 

Zoe was a lot of fun to talk with and we hit on some really great things like the marketing of Broadway musicals, leading change and creating an environment where folks are comfortable with change, and gaming engines as the next frontier of opportunity. 

Other topics we covered: 

* How Zoe uses the Toyota 5 Whys technique

* Break the box thinking

* BTS and the BTS Army

* Revenue streams and how gaming has taken revenue, connection, and the future of business to a new area.

And, much more. 

This was great because Zoe has such a great way of looking at business situations that it made me really step back and challenge a lot of the things I had been thinking about and doing. Which I really loved. 

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