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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Mar 20, 2023

My guest today is Drew McManus from UpStage CRM: 

We had a great time catching up in Seattle at INTIX and now we've gone and done a podcast! 

We hit on a lot of topics like what led Drew to start UpStage. 

I put Drew on the spot and make him define "one size fits none". We discuss where he gets his ideas from. 

Why focusing on the minimum amount of functionality is magic. 

And, a lot more. 

Hook up with my friends at Cover Genius in Birmingham for the Ticketing Professionals Conference.

I've been paying special attention to the CFAR (Cancel For Any Reason) product because the data becomes more compelling everyday. 

Guests want peace of mind in their purchases and are willing to pay for it. We've seen that really clearly at the Playhouse Theatre in Ohio where 48% of guests have taken up refund protection as the weather can be challening in the winter. 

The idea applies to health, economic issues, and THE WEATHER! 

So talk to Joe, Hayley, Chris, and the team. 

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