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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Dec 18, 2023

"What do scalpers really like to see when a ticket goes on-sale?"

That question popped up in my inbox about a week ago. It got me thinking about the questions that people ask me when they want to know how to "stop" the secondary market or whether or not to work with the secondary market. 

So, I had Martin Haigh from Total Tickets come on to discuss this topic since he's just put together a special report on the secondary market. 

Martin and I try to come at this topic from a neutral point of view, but Martin's thinking on the subject has changed over the years to be more pro-secondary and I mention that my thinking on the secondary market has changed because I was involved in the secondary market at a different time and different space. 

In today's episode we cover ideas like:

  • Good bots v. Bad bots
  • Blockchain and the claim it will eliminate the secondary market
  • Creativity and why the secondary market will always find a way to get tickets
  • Distribution and how the secondary market can be a powerful tool in your distribution plan.
  • Why you may not want to eliminate all resale, even if you can. 

You can get the information on Martin's report here

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