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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Jul 19, 2019

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My guest is awesome! He is Oli Shawyer from the Port Adelaide Power! 

I'm jealous because I need one of the shirts Oli had on during our conversation. It was the PORT shirt! 

This was one of the episodes that I learned the most from. 

I have about 10 pages of notes from our conversation. 

We covered so much before and after the podcast that my head is spinning. 

A few highlights include:

* Why Oli's background in advertising is valuable as he transitioned to sports.

* The challenges and opportunities created by managing the AFL's most successful team brand.

* Growing revenues.

* Building a more diverse fan base.

* Memberships.

* Customer lifetime value.

And, so much more! 

This is one you may have to listen to a few times. I know I wish I had recorded the conversation before the podcast because I was just overwhelmed with how thoughtful and curious Oli was about marketing and customers. 

This was great! 

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