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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

Today's guest is Harold Hughes! 

We talk college football, bourbon, technology, leadership, and more. 

It was great to have Harold come on the podcast because I really wanted to learn about how he has led his team through the pandemic. 

Harold takes a very people focused leadership style like several of the folks I've had the chance to chat with since the pandemic started. 

We also talked about innovation, project management, and the release of the new Ideal Seat product. 

Check out my friends at: Booking Protect.

Kieran and Sophie are doing some great work with the website and the social media feeds. They have been posting a lot of stuff to help us keep the industry alive in our minds, to keep us focused on our relationships, and to rebuild our businesses after the lockdown. Bookmark the blog because there will be some really great stuff coming in the next few months as we continue to work towards being able to reopen our venues, stadiums, and events. 

Check out Einar and Martin and the Activity Stream team's efforts with the We Will Recover project.

As Martin mentioned to me at the start of the pandemic, it was important to help get people focused on recovery and controlling the things that they can control. 

So there are classes, webinars, blogs, and all kinds of content that will help you get back on your feet. 

A new thing I'm working on is the #ivotedconcerts project with a former podcast guest, Lawrence Peryer, and a great woman, Emily White. 

Visit and make sure you are registered. Vote and send a selfie to the address given and you'll be able to see a virtual concert with a bunch of really great artists. 

And, if you can support the effort in some way, please do! 

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