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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Apr 16, 2024

My guest today is Solene Jimenez.

She is Head of International Development for arenametrix.

This is Solene's first podcast appearance and we had a good time. 

Of course, she didn't tell me it was her first podcast until we'd finished recording. I like to make the first podcast appearance fun and easy for folks. 

We talked about culture especially from Solene's unique experience of being from France living abroad, working for a French company, returning to France, and now focusing a lot on North America. 

She offers up some unique takes on how you have to understand different cultures to build relationships, develop a sales pipeline, and grow a business. 

All of them are relevant as my business is more global and you might have a similar situation. 

We discuss how Solene approaches bringing a personal touch to a tech business and a lot more. 

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