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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Oct 18, 2022

My guest today is Simon Weber, Co-Founder of Vivenu! 

We had a great talk. It was really nice to get to know Simon. 

We covered:

  • The importance of controlling your brand. 
  • Data.
  • The power of market research. 

I pushed back on Simon's talk of Vivenu being "product oriented" because the amount of research they did into developing the product says that they are market focused.

Check out my friends at Booking Protect. Hayley and Joe will be at the Ticketing Professionals Conference in Parramatta on 1-2 November. Give them a quick hello and check out what they are up to.

I'm running my annual NPS survey to help me create the next year's newsletter and podcast. 4 questions and it helps a lot. The 4th question: drop any guests you might like to hear from in the box. Thanks for checking this out.