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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Mar 9, 2023

I'm talking with Paul Bailey from Halo in Bristol, UK today. 

We are discussing brand and this is a great one because we set out to hit on a few really important topics:

  • Research
  • Brand Purpose
  • Top of Funnel Activity

Paul was kind enough to come on to be the first guest to talk about brand exclusively so that I would have some conversations that I directed to include as resources for my upcoming applied brand management class for executive MBAs. 

We hit on the 95/5 rule that comes out of LinkedIn's research. The Long and Short of It. The challenge of last click attribution. Brand as a tool to generate future demand...and a lot more. 

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The CFAR product is very helpful to folks now because peace of mind is showing up in purchase habits around the world meaning uncertainty is showing up as a driver for customers holding off from buying their tickets/trips/entertainment.

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Plus, I'm looking at Singapore, but I haven't been able to lock those dates down just yet. 

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