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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

My guest today is Ilya Kratsov from PouchNation. A company based in SE Asia that does tremendous business around monetization, ticketing, event access, and technology in SE Asia. 

This was a cool conversation because I hadn't really had a chance to feature anyone from SE Asia on the podcast and we got into a bunch of interesting topics like emerging markets, super apps like WeChat, technology adaptation, the reason entertainment is a sign of a stabilizing country, and much more. 

Come check out the Booking Protect folks at INTIX in Orlando. Mr. Dave will be there hanging with Hayley, Cat, and Cath. They can show you undated data that highlights how important refund protection has become to re-opening venues and the recovery of the live event industry in countries around the world. 

I've also put together a great panel featuring Hayley, Derek from Project Admission, and Einar from Activity Stream. 

I'm doing a price course with an education company and I need to see how many people would be interested in learning more about the course. 

It's called, "Set the Right F#$%^! Price" and to be notified when I get ready to launch the BETA, fill out this form

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