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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

My final conversation from the floor of INTIX at the Booking Protect booth. 

This time I catch up with friend of the podcast, Christy Grantham. 

We talk about why she goes to INTIX. 

Christy talks about how INTIX helps her learn about new tech, new ideas, and avoid burnout.  One of the important things Christy learned was around the shift from "no refunds, no exchanges". 

She also highlights the importance of meeting the customer where they are. Giving people more options gives you a higher NPS number...

We also hit on how Christy could do customer tags right away in her hotel room...we will have to check in later to see if she followed through. 

Give this one a listen and let me know what you think. 

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