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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

Today's guest is Martin Haigh. He was Head of Ticketmaster in Asia and lived in Asia for 17 years. 

I wanted to have Martin on to talk about the opportunities in China and Asia coming out of the pandemic. What we can learn from the reopening of Asia and a lot more. 

Check out and find the new partnership between Booking Protect and We Are Wellbeing. You heard me talk with Andy Romero-Birbeck at the beginning of the pandemic about mental health and well-being so you know that this topic means a great deal to me. 

Booking Protect and We Are Wellbeing have come together on a program to help make sure that folks in the arts, entertainment, and tickets have the tools and resources to make certain that their teams have the support that they need to deal with the stress of the pandemic and the economic challenges brought on by the virus. 

Also, check out and find a ton of resources put together by my buddies, Einar and Martin and the team at Activity Stream. 

Tons of articles, classes, and other resources to help give everyone as many tools as possible to come back from the pandemic. 

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Martin and I talk about a lot. This is the longest episode in The Business of Fun history, I think. 

We cover China and Asia from a technology standpoint, a recovery aspect, and as a place where we might be able to find some opportunities in the future. 

We discuss the secondary market and what opportunities might be available in Asia. We talk technology and how that can cover folks with health concerns, generate revenues, and activate sponsorships. 

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