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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Apr 26, 2019

Today's episode is brought to you by Booking Protect: The Global Leader in Refund Protection! 

Any Listing! 

Any Sector!

Any Where!

Booking Protect helps you deliver a better buying experience by giving your customers world class customer service, a better buying experience, peace of mind in their purchases...and, you can create a new stream of revenue for your organization. 

Today my guest is Eric Fuller. 

He's been on the episode twice before, but I wanted to have him on to talk about a new project we are taking on called On Sale Academy!

We are doing 3 events:

May 8th in NYC

June 5th in Los Angeles

June 10th and 12th in Washington, DC

The NYC and LA events will be heavy on strategy, marketing, and sales. Very action oriented with outlines, scripts, action items, and a cohort of people to help you sell more tickets. 

In Washington, DC we are going to talk about the FTC's hearing on ticket sales. On the 10th, we are going to get together to prep for talking points, strategies, questions, etc. around what to expect from the FTC hearing. On the 12th, we will take a look at what happened and how you should take action on to get the most from this. 

To find out more about LA and DC, email me at

You can find out about the NYC event here

In this episode, we talk about consolidation, margins, secondary market platforms, demand generation, attendance challenges, sales, and a lot more.