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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Jan 19, 2023


Totally new idea this week. 

Chris Furnell offered up the idea of a conversation centered entirely on the process of change and making change stick in our organizations. 

I jumped at the chance because I've been talking with y'all about change for years. 

So we dug in deep on change. 

We cover things like:

  • Dealing with constant change. 
  • Leaders wanting to shorten the distance between ideas and results. 
  • Why you can't "tell" someone into changing. 
  • Why it is that old patterns die hard...
  • And, a lot more.

I'll be in Seattle from 23-26 January at INTIX. You'll see me at the Cover Genius booth on Wednesday and Thursday recording some live podcasts under the banner: "8 minutes at INTIX". 

I'll also be leading a panel on Thursday at the Inspiration Stage at 10:45 AM called "Enhancing the Customer Journey with Embedded Protection". This panel will include Joe from Cover Genius, Jo-Ann from AudienceView, and a special guest!

You'll learn about new data that helps understand people's purchase decision. We will also share data around people's perception of the event, pre and post purchase...and more. 

Send me an email: and I will make sure you don't miss us. 

Take my pricing survey: 

Lots of interesting data about where folks are struggling with price, who makes the decision, and why the decision is being made poorly. 

I'll be sharing that in the weeks ahead. 

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Love y'all for being here.