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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

May 30, 2018


Today's episode is with VP of Commercial Activity for Activity Stream, Martin Gammeltoft. 

Martin came on the podcast to discuss using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in a way that creates impact and drives revenue for theatres, sports teams, and other organizations that are better trying to understand their consumers. 

In this episode, we cover:

* Why technology has evolved to allow anyone to use AI to make better decisions. 

* How you can get started with data or AI. 

* Why using AI isn't a vanity thing, but a real opportunity to create high impact moments. 

* Where the technology is now and how it enables you to use "Target Spotting" as a way to better know all of your customers. 

You can follow Martin on Twitter

You can also find a YouTube video describing what Activity Stream is up to. 

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