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Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast

Jun 14, 2018

My guest on Episode 7 is Ken Troupe.

Ken is the Senior Director of Business Development with 4Front

He is also the creator and host of the Twitter chat: #social4tixsales

We have a long and wide-ranging conversation about selling tickets, building fans and customers, leadership, value, and a whole lot more. 


I've been receiving a lot of feedback about the podcast and thank you...

You can always email me with your ideas and questions. 

A few of the things I have received and will work into the podcast include:

* Numbering the episodes.

* Offering up a little more of my angle and my POV about things...including a little more of my background and my business philosophy. 

* I'm also going to play with the episode length a little more, depending on what we are talking about. 

* I'll also work on creating a more consistent thematic to the podcast, much like Brian Koppleman has done with "The Moment." 

So let me know your ideas, questions, and anything else. 

Thanks for listening.